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Cross-Pollinating Your Social Media Accounts To Grow Your Audience

engagement facebook page fb how-to trust Dec 12, 2019

So many channels available for you to post real estate content to... So little time. The obvious solution is to post the same content to all of your channels at once: FB/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/Snapchat/Pinterest/Reddit/Google My Business. 

There's nothing wrong with doing that. In fact, how you do it is worth a few seconds to unpack. For instance, you should always keep your real estate related posts separate from your personal posts on Facebook. If you don't have a FB business page, stop reading this right now, and create one. You CANNOT do all your real estate marketing on your FB personal profile page. That is basically spam. Your friends and family may be too polite to tell you that and may have already quietly hidden your posts in their timeline. 

Once you have built your FB Biz Page, and it has at least a dozen posts to it, you can invite LOCAL friends or family to follow/like your page. Don't invite your cousin from across the country to like your page. Why? They might not ever engage with your page posts, and FB's algorithm will interpret their lack of engagement as poor post quality on your part. 

Each month, take a look at how your posts have been received, by looking at the Insights tab.

Determine which of your posts had the most SHARES. If NONE of your posts were shared, you are posting the wrong kind of content. Here is the kind of post that generates engagement.

However...that, and a dollar, will get you a cup of coffee... Engagement is nice, but did it get you any closer to a deal? Not really. A post like the one above will get results that make you feel better, but don't necessarily move a buyer/seller into your corner. They need to KNOW/LIKE/TRUST (KLT) you.

So, one useful technique to help with that is cross-pollinating your posts between your PAGE and your PROFILE. Take the post that was COMMENTED on the most in the last month, and share it from your PAGE to your PROFILE. If your FB settings don't seem to allow it, copy the text and photo and manually add it to your FB Profile as a post. Now, do the same in reverse: grab the PERSONAL post that generated the most interest, and share it to your BUSINESS PAGE. This allows your business followers a peek into your personal life, and allows your personal followers to get a peek into your professional life. Do this once or twice a month. Don't overdo it or you defeat the purpose of having separate FB Pages/Profiles. No one commented on your posts either? Okay, now we're talking about forgettable posts. You need to up your game with VIDEO. Video including your voice. Preferably on-screen video! That is how new followers/friends can get to KLT you.

Do this on Instagram as well: repurpose your best regular Instagram post as a STORY, by reading out loud, on-screen, whatever your posts says.. if you must... but get on-screen on Instagram Stories. Your followers are not comparing you against Hollywood movie stars. Take the plunge and do it. Repurpose your very best performing content as needed for Linked In, Google My Business and Pinterest too..

Do this once or twice a month (2 hours time needed) and you should start to see your channels gain new followers as content featuring you gets shared a bit more. 


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