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Why The Millennials Are Beating Us

Oct 24, 2018

The latest rant, by who I would call the old people (yes I am included in that lol ), is that the millennial's are lazy, that the millennial's are entitled and that the millennial's don’t work as hard as we do, blah, blah, blah, blah. So, I have dealt with a few millennial's myself and I do see what people are talking about. I firmly believe these millennial haters are way off the mark. There is a fundamental shift going on in the world. Our parents saw it happen when we came around and now we are seeing it happen. This is a bigger transition then whatever has happened in the world before now. Think about this. There are kids being born right now that won’t know what the world was without the iPhone. No, really think about it. Kids are growing up where it’s normal to walk around with a computer in their pocket. My daughter recently said to me, she is 12 by the way, “I can’t wait til I grow up and say I had to suffer with an iPhone. My daughter is already referring to things from my childhood as the olden days….really? We are currently a few years away from being able to buy fully functional driver-less cars, and we can now put in some headphones and they will translate a language for you. So much for Spanish 101. I think its very short-sided of us to feel that the younger generation are lazy and entitled. They hear this and they laugh because they know what is going to happen. They liken us to the old man who sat on the stoop/porch and told the story on how far he had to walk through the snow to get to school. Let me now tell you the one thing the millennial's can do which will make them lap us in the coming years. They learn faster. Yep, they have a massive edge. The COO of Facebook said once that if you want to see what we are going to be doing in 6 months look at what your kids are doing now. That statement has morphed to 8 months coming up on a year in advance. Look at this. One of the greatest basket ball players of our time Kobe Bryant has over 8 million followers on Twitter. That’s a lot right? There is an app called Musically for kids and there is a 12 year old on there that has over 8 million followers, and just as many people know her as they do most celebrities. What used to be common is not and people are now gaining star power and are earning six to seven figures due to technology. This is not because they are smarter, this is because they are learning faster then us. Don't believe me hand a 5 or 6 year old your iPhone and watch how fast they figure it out. How do we combat this? Well, at some level we can’t. That being said, our only recourse is to embrace the world as it is, embrace change and all the technology that it has to offer, and stop looking at people the way we think they should be. Just let them be. Play to your strengths, and when it comes to the millennial's hire them to move your business into the future.


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