Home Inspections - Industry Series

Season #1 Episode #2

One of The number one reasons a house falls out of escrow is the home inspection.

This isn't because there is something inherently wrong with the home or because of the inspection report

Its really because of the lack of communication and understanding with the process,

Its our job as agents to over communicate and to manage expectations.

So when people can not come to terms on a list of repairs this is the agent's failure to communicate the process and or lack of negotiating skills.

I have seen so many homes fall out of escrow over a $5000 repair that it's ridiculous.

A buyer and or seller should never lose a deal or $5000 and when someone says no its the principle of the matterā€¦. That's your ego talking so suck it up and move on the time to go find another house or put it back on the market is not worth $5000. What do you think?