The Real Estate Coaching Club Podcast

The Real Estate Coaching Club Podcast

Hosted by: Frank Bernardo

Top ranked Team Leader and Real Estate Agent Frank Bernardo helps you with your real estate through real life training and plowing through current events in the business world to help you realize your untapped...


Interview with fitness legend, gym owner and entrepreneur Larry Nolan of Hardcore Fitness

Season #1 Episode #5

Larry Nolan started his highly successful fitness franchise with less than most people can imagine. Here he tells his story and gives you some business insights on how you can be successful. 
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My conversation with Mo Anderson of Keller Williams on mindset

Season #1 Episode #4

I had the privilege of speaking to the legendary Mo Anderson of Keller Williams. She goes through the 4 truths of mindset and how to handle tough times. this is a must listen to episode.
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Our conversation with Jason Abrams of KWRI

Season #1 Episode #3

Keller Williams Porter Ranch was honored to speak to KWRI VP of business Jason Abrams. We got some great insight on where we are and what we need to do in this market. Take a listen.
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Real Estate Coaching interview with Jason Bosch

Season #1 Episode #2

Jason Bosch is a renowned real estate coach and training. Jason has owned multiple businesses and has been broker and owner of many real estate offices.  Jason has also been a MAPS coach with Keller Williams as well...
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Momentum in business

We all want momentum what is it and how do we get it in our real estate office or business
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